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Hello! My name is Greg Sidelnikov, I am professional software developer. I started my career as a Jr. Level Web Designer at a live-streaming company called in 2007.

I am the published author of jQuery Gems, JavaScript Principles, and React.js Gems. I am also the author of 50+ video tutorials on JavaScript and game development.

I don't work at Google or Facebook. Although some of my past coworkers do. I've worked at several start up companies with them in San Francisco Bay Area.

Since then I followed the evolution of the web as it continued to unfold. Sometimes, I like to write about emerging libraries and share my knowledge with others.

Hopefully you will get my OpenGL book and like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can find me on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about the book! :-)

my pic

Greg Sidelnikov
That's me!

Me being blown in the wind and listening to something at Ocean Beach in San Francisco Bay Area a while back.

That's the best pic I could find, haha. Not a picture person in general... but I had to do the whole "who is the author" thing for the book's release...

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